What is ConaCona ?

ConaCona/The powdered filter media for the maximum activities of the bacteria/Your tank will extremely clean and it will reduce your water replacement!

ConaCona is powder for water purification. It is made of stones and natural substances, it is safe not only for fish, but absolutely safe for humans. Aerobic bacteria, oxygen and fish feces can be highly densely absorbed on the surface of the powder of ConaCona. As a result, bacteria continues to be activated at a high level. This is an unconventional method which enables to purify the water at a much higher level. It, therefore, helps to reduce the frequency of changing water in the task. Depending the conditions, the reduce rate is about 1/3.


(1) Water in your tank will be greatly clean!
(2) As bacteria is activated, it will reduce the changing water!
(3) It is made of natural substances, it is safe for fish and humans!


Material : Natural stone ceramic powder

Ingredient : Silicon dioxide, calcium dioxide, aluminum dioxide, Iron oxide, titanium oxide, sodium oxide, trace elements etc.

Weight : 20g(large package) or 10g(small package)
In the typical case of 60L tank, you can use about seven times with 20g package. It is for about 1 year.

Country of origin : Japan


(1)The proper weight of ConaCona powder is 1g for 20 liters water.
(2)Please put the powder to the filtration tank. If your tank is composed one tank, please put it to the aquarium tank.
(3)At the second or later since the powder has remained, you should put fewer of the powder (about 2/3 to 1/2 of proper weight).


ConaCona powder works the following two steps.

(1)Adsorption step
Thrown-in powder is spread in the water of your tank and the water will be slightly cloudy color. Progressively the powder adsorbs bacteria, oxygen and fish feces etc. About 30 minutes after, the water will be cleared. In this step, the powder was found on the the bottom of the tank and in the water.

Please check the adsorption step (about 40minutes at 20 times speed).

(2)Activation step
After several hours or half a day, the bacteria will activate extremely. As the bacteria decompose fish feces continuously and the water of your tank is clear, you will be able to reduce the frequency of the water replacement. The frequency will be about 1/2 to 1/3. This effect continues about one or two months. Even if the water replacement does not affect this effect and you don't need to put the powder on every time.

Activation step of ConaCona

Before using ConaCona powder
We prepared the green water tank.
Now I put the ConaCona powder.

After using ConaCona Powder
12 hours later, the water is extremely clean. We do not have anything except putting the powder.


(1)Please use the powder of the correct amount in our guideline.
(2)If your tank have the filtration tank, please put the powder to the filtration tank.
(3)Although the powder is made of natural materials and it is safe for fish and humans, please wear a mask when you use the powder.

Customer's review

  • I tried to put the ConaCona in the hang on back filter. I'm satisfied that the water keeps clean on long days. I think it is economic because the 20g package is enough amount of one year's worth for my 45cm tank. (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo / Male / 45cm tank)
  • As my tank is lage size for Arowana and Lepisosteidae, I put two packages of ConaCona(total 40g) in the over-flow tank. Usually, I changed water at two or three days interval. It is enough that I change water each five days after using ConaCona. Of course, the water in my tank is clean. (Kawasaki-si, Kanagawa / Male / 150cm over-flow tank)
  • Though I think it is expensive, I try to buy the ConaCona. I try for a pond for breeding rice-fish. I'm satisfied to look the effect. (Kawaguti-si, Saitama / Male / pond at the garden)
  • When I try to the tank of African cichlid, I was surprised that the water has become clean. I use the ConaCona repeatedly. (Higasikurume-si, Tokyo / Male / 90cm tank)
  • Because I heard that Using both the biOrb tank and the ConaCona is effective, I bought them. Although one and a half months have passed, the Ph value is no problem without water changing. I think it is awesome. (Minato-ku, Tokyo / Female / biOrb classic 30)
  • Though I tought the water conditioning goods was only little effect, I'm suprised to ConaCona's effect that is visible to my eye. My water changing cycles will become about two times long. I understand that I hear the ConaCona is based on the technology of Pufferfish farming. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Male, 60cm tank)
  • My problem was that the water was to soon become green because I only could set up my tank near window. Three months after from putting the ConaCona, my water is colorless and clean. I will buy it again! (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo / Male / 30cm tank)

History of development

ConaCona was developed based on the technology used for Pufferfish ("fugu" in Japanese) farming. As Pufferfish need clean water and its farming was very difficult formerly. Then Japanese engineers developed an epochal technology to make the water clean safely with natural material. Now, this technology has been globally acknowledged. Pufferfish used to be highly luxury fish in Japan. However, due to the development of farming technology, fugu has become widely available and is easily consumed nowadays. ConaCona is adjusted this incredible technology for aquarium fish.

Where I can buy the ConaCona powder?

ConaCona is our original goods and we are selling on our shop(Tokyo, Japan) and the internet shop in Yahoo! shopping. If you live at outside Japan and you have interest to our goods, please contact us! We will inform about payment and international delivery service. Our E-mail is lagooncompany2013@yahoo.co.jp .

Price of goods

ConaCona 20g(large package)JPY3,800-
ConaCona 10g(small package)JPY2,000-
Note: There is NOT inculde a delivery charge.

Delivery charge to outside Japan
We will ship the goods by Express Mail Service (EMS) to the outside of Japan. Please check the list of countries and areas at Japan Post. And the delivery charge is following.

Oceania, North America,
Central America and the Middle East
South America and AfricaJPY1,700-

Note about custom
We will attach documents about usage and ingredient analysis with invoice. We did not have any trouble at custom in Japan. But you might have some troubles at custom in your country. We recommend that you check the following thing to custom in your country before your order.

(1)Import goods is powdered filter media for aquarium. 
(2)This powder is mainly composed the silicon oxide.
(3)Attached documents about usage and ingredient analysis.

Delivery charge to Japanese domestic
Please access our Yahoo! shopping site, if you can receive at Japan. Delivery charge to Japanese domestic is 180yen. As we will send it by the mail service, you will receive it by your mail post after several days to upto one week.